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Today I want to tell you something about marketing. No, this won’t be any elusive strategies to get your product to the top. It will be about how big companies (well, small companies as well) are playing with us.
You might know how the general retail world works; companies invest in products and try to sell them and any profit will be put in more investigation, more marketing and (the ultimate goal) more sells. Without sells, no money, this means no new products, no new marketing strategies, the company will go bankrupt. (Unless its a government institution, they will get more and more funds to keep them alive..)

We play a huge role in the life-cycle of a company, we are the buyers, we decide whether the company gets sells (=money), or not. We buy. The companies know that and therefore they try to create the image that you can not, no you can absolutely not, live without their product. And that is called marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of people will believe the companies, and buy, and it might be that they have bought a wonderful product, or not.

For instance with food, the standards are high. Often a slightly bent cucumber will be rejected to be sold in ‘modern, western’ countries. Because they will not match the image for ideal food. (Thankfully, the bent cucumber will be sliced up for salads and that kind of things so it will not go to waste but still..)
A big trend in the food-world are the natural foods, biological, no added sugar, colors, preservatives etc. A perfect example are fruit juices. You know, the one in large boxes or containers (like the 2 Liter orange juice containers, or the smaller ones with mixed fruitjuice etc.). Sugar is bad, that is the current message, so they put on the box/container that there is no sugar added, which is theoretical true. But a lot of those fruit juices is made from concentrated juice, and that, mainly made out of… SUGAR.
Or the marketing where the Mango-Ananas juice consist of mainly concentrated apple juice and 1-5% Mango or Ananas juice. Big companies do not necessary lie, but they give you an altered truth.

Then you have the cosmetics industry. Has anyone noticed how they just LOVE to use phrases like “dermatological tested”, or “87% of the users report less wrinkles”? They are meaningless, really. Dermatological tested just means that it is tested, not that it is safe or does not give any irritations. It is just marketing.
And those 87% of users also do not tell you much, if it was a group of 10, 20 or 1000 users. You don’t know. And even if they specify it like 87 out of 100, it does not mean anything if the results are not published and verifiable. How things are tested are also very important. And, one very important thing: statistics. You can make or break almost everything¬†with statistics.
Marketing and manipulation..

My message to you? Open your eyes, read labels, think about it. Don’t just simply believe. Educate yourself and be aware of tricks. At least when you want to live conscious. The world is full of false pretenses, driven by greed. Companies want to be the biggest and wealthiest, not the best.



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