Hi there!

The title says it all, I made some kind of bucketlist. It is a mix of achievable things and dreams which are harder to pursue. I am not sure whether I really agree with the concept of a list of things you need to do before you die. After al, I could die tomorrow because the train crashes, or I get overrun by a bus. Or a meteor will fall upon me but that is very unlikely. Or at least I hope so.

Get prepared for my list!


  • Travel to Asia, Australia, South-America, North-America, South Africa (short: make some kind of interrupted trip around the world)
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Sit (frontrow) by a fashion show
  • Follow a make-up course to get better techniques
  • Spend a week (or longer) in some kind of yoga retreat or monastery
  • Own a designer-item (bag, dress, blazer or something?)
  • Own a horse, or two
  • Go glamping for a week
  • Eat healthy (for the rest of my life)
  • Doing natural horsemanship
  • Exercise more (3x a week)
  • Finding the perfect skin-care routine
  • Eat at a restaurant which has Michelin stars.
  • Have a lot of fruit trees and grow my own vegetables
  • Make a patchwork blanket
  • Win the lottery
  • Design my own jewelry

I think that is about 80%, I want to travel a lot and live healthier than I do now. I am sure that there is a lot more I want to do, but that will come in time.

Roma 2008

What do you want to do before you die?



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