The Happy Challenge (Part 3): Second Challenge

Hi there!

Two days ago, the second challenge for The Happy Challenge has been announced. So here I am again, to tell you what it was and how I did it.

This is the challenge for this week:

wat-is-jouw-droom-happychallengePhoto taken from, backgroundfoto.

My dream, my life goal, what is it? Regardless of what you can or can’t do, what is it, you want to achieve? How do you picture your ideal life?

I used to dream of a big mansion, with a lot of land around it and stables and a riding arena on the same lot. I dream of a huge orchard consisting of fruit trees, and a place to grow my own vegetables.
Now, I dream of a small apartment, 4 rooms would be enough, though I would not say no to a house with a lot of ground for my orchard etc. I still dream of a kind of self sustaining life. With animals, I’d love to have a horse or two, a few dogs and two cats.
I don’t dream of the perfect job, or a great career. I dream of a quiet life, a happy life.
I do not have spiritual goals to strive for, so this is mainly materialistic. I just want to be happy and the way of becoming happy is not yet clear to me but I am trying.

What is your dream?



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