7-Minute workout

Hi there!

I normally do not believe in New Year resolutions. But it was quite convenient to start something in the new year. I wanted to start fresh and make a few changes in my life. More exercise was one of them. (Another one was less sugar in my diet but that is another story..)

So, more exercise, the question was how. I am a full-time student, work every Saturday and often Sundays and I also want to spend time with my boyfriend. Time is obviously an issue. I just can’t go to the gym for an hour, maybe in the weekend but even then it is stressful.
I always take the stairs and not the elevator so that is already good, I use my bike to go to work and walk small distances instead taking the bus (okay, unless it is raining).

And then something came along, pure coincidentally I stumbled upon the same work-out scheme. Not just once but it came three times across my path. I am not superstitious but I was interested. And I decided to try it. The so-called 7-minute workout, or 21 if you are a die-hard.

This is it:


Unfortunately I do have weak back-muscles so I alter some positions. I can’t plank from toes to arms (push-ups are also impossible in the ‘right’ way) but I have found a way to balance on my knees instead. When I can to that without any problems I will try to start with the ‘normal’ plank but for now that is impossible.

The good thing about this workout is that it is quite diverse. And it is quite easy to do. I can’t do it in seven minutes yet but I’m quite close. I think it is an excellent way to introduce more sport into my life without the need to go to a gym. I can do everything at home. Though I still want to exercise more, but it is a start.

What do you do to stay fit?



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