Tea (1)

Hi there!

I love tea. I just absolutely love it. And I need it, in the morning, to wake up. Without a cup of tea with my breakfast, my whole day can be terrible. (Or to be exact, I can be terrible.) So today I want to tell you something more about my favourite beverage.

Tea can be many things, green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea. Every tea has, of course, its own taste. I find pure black tea quite tasteless, green tea can be quite bitter, and white tea? White tea is weird, slightly sour, slightly bitter. So I drink mostly rooibos and herbal teas. I tried honeybush once but I did not think it was very different from rooibos.

For a long time I drank Nettle tea because of its sweet taste but since I am through my supply I switched to different herbal teas and tea-mixes. One of my favourites is from Yogi Tea. The Sweet Lemon Mate Snack Tea with Green tea.


Ingredients: Green tea (40%), lemon grass, spearmint, lemon myrre?, schisandra berries, green maté, dragon, lemonextract, stevia. Yogi-Snack-Tea-Mate-Ingredients

Because it is no pure green tea, it is not as bitter as I expected. It has a nice mellow taste with a hint of lemon. For me it is the perfect tea for lunchtime. In the morning I prefer rooibos.

What is your favourite tea?



2 thoughts on “Tea (1)

    • Nee, nog niet. Wil wel overgaan op losse thee maar moet eerst mijn voorraad thee in zakjes opmaken. Ik kies wel al voor betere merken dan bijv pickwick, want dat is echt troep.

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