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Hi there!

One of my hobbies at the moment is watching tv series. It all started with Gossip Girl, about 2 years ago. I was studying abroad and had a lot of free time. Besides baking a lot I chose to start watching Gossip Girl as everyone seemed to like it. And so did I, so it was quite disappointing when I had watched all seasons.
I started looking for another series, but that proved more difficult. I tried modern family once but I did not like the first episode, so I quit.

Then I found The Big Bang Theory, in one word: hilarious. I like the funny science jokes, Sheldon’s blunt answers, Penny’s way of being the typical girl-next-door. (And Kaley Cuoco is just amazing!) So I watched The Big Bang Theory till I had seen everything so far. Now I am waiting for the new episode every week.

The Big Bang Theory was not sufficient anymore as I am used to watching 2-3 episodes a day. So here we went, searching for something new. And that was Grey’s Anatomy, quite the same story as with Gossip Girl. Everyone seemed to love it so I decided to try it. And I watched it, till season 10. It seems to me that the series just been dragging on, all the fun characters like Izzie, Lexie and Mark Sloan are gone, George is also gone. It has changed to much and it seems that they writers just keep on writing for the money and not for the benefit of the show. Therefore I stopped watching the show.

GreysAnatomysSeason1CastThe cast of Grey’s Anatomy, as it started. Source: Wikipedia

And here we go again, another series I need to watch. My boyfriend introduced me to Arrow. And I liked it, action, nice story line, something different than my other series. But unfortunately it is a new series so I have to wait for every episode as I watched the series almost from the beginning. So I still have not enough to watch.

I started watching Bones. I don’t know why, but I just started watching and I liked it. Bones is funny as Dr. Brennan is the overly rational type which makes the conversations a lot funnier. And the story line is also quite good. Though sometimes the writers are stalling because it is obvious what will happen though somehow it will not happen because something else is written into the series first. It took 6 full seasons before the main characters got into a romantic relationship but it was obvious that it would happen near the end of season 1. But I like it nonetheless as it has a wonderful cast with Emily Deschanel (yes, sister to Zoe), David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley.

Bones-tv-seriesThe main characters of Bones. Source: Hollywood Reporter

So that are all the series I’ve watched, or am currently watching. If you have any suggestions for what I should watch next, let me know!

What is your favourite tv-series?



2 thoughts on “Tv series

    • Homeland ken ik verder helemaal niet, maar zal eraan denken als ik weer een nieuwe serie moet hebben al moet ik ook nog Castle gaan kijken.

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