A guilty pleasure I want to get rid of..

Hi there!

In my post over the 7-minute workout I told you that another of my goals this year is to eat less sugar. I love sweet stuff. I love cake, I love chocolate. Only thing I don’t like is candy like gummy bears though I do love candy like M&Ms. It is not that I eat it every day, and not very much. But when I do eat it, or it is available, I tend to eat to much. Not just a handful but the whole bowl, two instead of one piece of cake, etc. And most importantly, I start my day normally with 2-3 pieces of bread with ‘hagelslag’ (chocolate sprinkles, it is Dutch).

So I decided that I wanted to eat less sugar. As I do not need it as much as I eat it. And secretly I hope it would help my sensitive skin and my tiredness as I tend to fall asleep easy during the day.

I started with eating less hagelslag, well, to be exact I finished the open box and did not open a new one. I switched to jelly. Jelly consists also out of a lot of sugar but it has less than hagelslag. And we have home made apple jelly so that is healthier than the commercial jellies. But I am not fully content with my breakfast, as it still contains a lot of sugar.
In the end I want to switch to oatmeal, but I can’t make it with normal milk as that can give me stomach pains. Almond mild and other milk-substitutes are highly overpriced so I need to find another option. I might try oatmeal with yogurt or something similar. I wondered whether goat yogurt exists or not as that seems to be more compatible with the human intestinal system than cow products. But I will think about that when I’m running out of jelly.

Another part of my sugar-addiction is that I eat to much cake, when available. I don’t have cake often, but when it is available I eat as much as possible. And I love it, and hate it at the same time. Sure, it is nice to have the sweet taste, but otherwise? It is just loading my system with easy carbohydrates which cause my blood sugar levels to rise astronomical and give me energetic roller-coaster rides. And as I am not getting much exercise, I probably store a lot of fat somewhere.
I don’t know whether I want to quit the cake-eating entirely or not. For now I try to eat one smaller piece in stead of two big pieces. I don’t eat any cookies unless I’m really starving and there is nothing else available. Though I still struggle with stress-related eating. Whenever I’m stressed I tend to eat anything available, cookies, raisins, cheese slices, crunchy muesli out of the box.. You name it, I eat it. But that is something I need to control in the long run.

So far so good, I started with this shortly after the Christmas-break. Fortunately I had not many opportunities for cake so I did not eat much. I do eat occasionally some cookies, but that are mostly really plain cookies without any frosting and stuff. And I only eat them when I am really hungry so I think that is alright.
Concerning my breakfast.. it is a different story. I eat a lot of jelly, I really miss the sugar in the morning but I am coping with it. And it will get better as I am decreasing the jelly stock rapidly.

Overall, I think I manage quite well though it can be better. And I switched to eating dried fruit, which has also sugar but also fibers and it really is a lot healthier than chocolate or any commercial cookies. I’ll hope to keep this up the way it is going now.

Do you have any dietary changes you want to maintain?



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