Cocoa Nibs

Hi there!

Somewhere in, I think, September 2013 I bought a bucket of cocoa nibs. It was during the rise of the superfoods (well, the start of the rise as they still are rising). I told you before that I absolutely LOVE chocolate and I thought raw cocoa nibs might be a healthier way to give in to my chocolate addiction.

Cacao NibsCocoa is quite healthy as it has some protein, almost no sugar (for example commercial chocolate contains around 30-40% pure sugar), fibers and some unsaturated fatty acids. Though cocoa has also some saturated fatty acids but they are unprocessed and therefore I do not really care about them. The human body nééds fat, even unsaturated fat and as I only eat a teaspoon of nibs a day, the absolute amount of saturated fat is quite low. Also cocoa contains theobromine which is shown to increase the amounts of good HDL-cholesterol (source). There are some researches done whether cocoa influences your mood but no hard evidence has been found. Overall cocoa seems to be very healthy.

Cacao ingredientsSo I started with a teaspoon a day as mentioned above. And what did I experience? I did not notice any effect for the first few days, I did not have more energy, I did not feel less hungry (on the contrary, sometimes I’d be faster hungry than normally). I just did not experience anything. Until a side effect started to come up. I do have a very sensitive skin, and I noticed that I got some infections quite deep under the surface. In my face. I stopped eating the cocoa nibs and it went away, I started eating them again and the infections were back. Bummer.

I am still convinced that cocoa is very healthy, but just not for me. I now have to find a way to use my 300 grams of nibs as I am definitely not throwing them away. I might use them in cakes or so. I tried melting them but that did not work. I will find something..

What is your favourite superfood?



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