Sunday – Funday?

Hi there!

Today it is Sunday. I don’t want to post anything to serious or negative today so I came up with the following. Every Sunday I will share with you a few of my favourite songs. I am not sure yet whether there will be any link between them or that I will just post 5 random songs. Here we go!

Gareth Gates – Anyone of us
Who can remember this? He won 2nd place with British Pop Idol in 2002. (First place went to Will Young). I remember that I was totally crazy about this song back then. And I still am, it is a typical love ballad but not as sad as many others. Oh and the video has been shot in Venice, do I need to say more?

Sugababes – Ugly
This is my favourite number of the Sugababes, though I like more of their older songs like ‘Round, round’ and ‘Stronger’. Also their co-op with Sting for the number ‘Shape’ is beautiful. But Ugly contains also a wonderful message about growing up and struggling with your identity. “Personality reflects name, And if I’m ugly then, So are you”

Craig David ft Sting – Rise & Fall
Somehow I don’t really listen to songs sung only by Sting, except for ‘Englishman in New York’, but I love his collaborations with other artists. Craig David does remind me of Lenny Kravitz but only because of his looks. This is just a feel good song, mellow tunes, nice for background music.

Reba McEntire – If I were a boy
This is of course a cover of the famous song by Beyonce. But I like this version a lot better, and I love the house and her dress in the video. And I just love Reba, her version of ‘Because of you’ with Kelly Clarkson is also a lot nicer than the original version with only Kelly. Reba is my favourite country-artist, though she also makes combo’s between country and pop. Other favourite songs of Reba are ‘Somebody’s Chelsea’, ‘Somebody’ and her duet with Linda Davis called ‘Does He Love You’.

Lindsay Lohan – Confessions of a Broken Heart
Lindsay Lohan, the troubled child of Hollywood can actually sing. Or at least could a few years ago. Most of you will know her from her hit ‘Rumours’. I stumbled across this song and was quite amazed by the power and emotion in this song. Wauw. I am no fan of her doing drugs or crashing cars but this song is really not what I expected from her.

So, this were 5 of my favourite songs. Most of them are quite old so next week I will show you some of my favourites which are a bit more recent.

Are there any old songs you are still listening to?



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