30 days ab challenge

Hi there!

Time for some fitness on Monday morning! You all know that I am doing the 7-minute workout 3 times a week. And I can already see some result, my abs seem to be more defined, which I like very much. I am no chubby girl though I do have kind of chubby legs compared to my skinny arms.
I hope that the 7-minute workout will help me build muscles in my arms and legs, which will help to make my legs more defined and my arms less skinny. I really hope that.

So why bother with another challenge? I told you before that I have a weak back. And the 7-minute workout gives me not enough muscle build-up to strengthen my back. Therefore I need more workout. I am not sure yet which challenge I want to do. Therefore I came up with this: introducing a challenge to you and I hope that you will help me choose the right challenge.

Today it is about the 30 days ab challenge:30-day-ab-challenge-chartI tried this one before, but I could not keep it up. And I can’t plank properly. I could up with the sit ups and crunches till day 11 but that was it. I quit and I never started again. And I am not sure whether I should start again. I might start again but take it more slowly? Making it a 8 weeks challenge or even longer?

I need your help, tell me what do you think I should do? Start with this one again? Modify it? Or keep looking for another challenge?



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