New project!

Hi there!

I am a little bit addicted to buying stuff. I love sale. And often I buy cosmetics, make-up, supplements, jewellery and food. But I don’t even need it.
Sure, concerning the cosmetics I often buy back-ups. But do I really need 3 back-ups from almost.. everything? I don’t think so.

I need change. I need to buy less. It is not that I don’t have the money, don’t get me wrong but I still live with my parents and I have a part-time job so I can spend quite some money every month. But I am hoarding back-ups, and sure I will need them someday, but I don’t need back-ups till the end of time.

Currently, I have more eye shadow than I will ever use, especially from cheaper brands which I really only bought because it was a nice colour and it was cheap. (Already getting my point?) Also nail polish, I really like nail polish but I lack the time to do it frequently. And it is not always compatible with my internship. I work with acetone, and you probably all know that acetone dissolves nail polish. And I need to work clean, so no nail polish smudges are allowed. (Or I need to wear gloves all the time but my dry skin will not like that…)
Supplements, I do need some, I will tell you about them in single blogs, each supplement on its own. And some really never get cheaper (and I use a lot like Vitamin D, post about Vit. D is coming very soon!) so those are legitimate to hoard. But others like vitamin pills are not that essential and change over time. I really don’t need 3 extra jars of them.
Jewellery, well, I already stopped with buying jewellery. But I am a sucker for pretty things. I decided that I will only buy real silver or real gold (or titanium or platinum) jewellery. I have enough of the cheap stuff that will discolour over time. And I do not need 30 pairs of different earrings. I don’t even wear them all.
Food.. I told you about my challenge to stop with sugar. And with food I mainly mean cookies, chocolate, commercial granola bars, cake.. sweet stuff. I am not any more allowed to buy sweet stuff. No chocolate eggs because of Easter, no chocolate chip cookies, no chocolate bars.. Nothing. That is going to be hard. But there are things I am allowed to buy: dried fruit without added sugar, unprocessed nuts, dry roasted nuts, normal fruit, vegetables. So that are my snacks for now.

And here we are, how am I going to keep me to my goals? At first, I started this year with a 365 days of life project. A word document where I keep track of my day, general sleeping habits, what I ate, what I bought, what I finished, major events. I will note almost everything. With this journal I can keep track of my usage and my hoarding. Though I do not necessarily notate things I throw out which I bought before 2014, because that does not really matter. It’s ‘old’ compared to everything I but this year. (Right, you got me, it is not really a new project as I am doing this for over a month now but you get my point. Or at least I hope so.)

Let’s do this!

Are there any habits you need to change?



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