The Happy Challenge (Part 4): Third Challenge

Hi there!

It’s a new week, so time for a new Happy Challenge. I know I am late but this is thus far the most difficult challenge for me.

This weeks challenge is….
VISUALIZING your dream! (like a visionboard-kind-of-thing)

First of all I need you to know that I am NOT, I repeat, I am NOT good with paper, glue and creativity. Give me a blank sheet of paper and some pencils, or paper, or just anything and after a few hours I will still sit before a blank sheet of paper. Even if I know what to draw or make, I just can’t get it out of my head and onto the paper.
Next problem? I do not have any magazines available to cut out any pictures and printing them out is not good enough. Magazines are so glossy, much more pleasing to the eye.
So what to do? Lisanne gave me the idea of making a digital visionboard. I think that I can manage that, so I tried.

This is my visionboard:Visionboard03022014
Images are taken from Pinterest, my own photos or free stock sites.

You can see quotes I need to listen to, places I travelled to (which stand for more travelling), my bachelor of Science (going for the master…), horses (which have currently no place in my life and I want to change that), a nature-photo made by me (I want to photograph more) and the big clock can be found at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, I love Berlin and I want to visit Berlin in about 5 years for the fourth or fifth time.
In short: I want to travel, be more happy, find time for horses, study, and make more photo’s. Oh and I forgot music and reading but those two always play a big role in my life.

What are your visions for the future?



2 thoughts on “The Happy Challenge (Part 4): Third Challenge

    • Paardrijden is best makkelijk om te leren dus dat moet wel lukken toch? Gefeliciteerd met je bachelor 😀 Ik heb nog 1,5 jaar te gaan om mijn master af te ronden, duurt laaaaaaang.

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