Vitamin D

Hi there!

Today I want to tell you something about a supplement that is really important for me: Vitamin D. It was first described in the 17th century as a Vitamin D-defiency. But only in the 1900s the scientific research really begun. It was discovered that it must be fat-soluble and that the body can make it under influence of ultra-violet light.
Technically Vitamin D is no vitamin, it is a cholesterol-based molecule and therefore it is called a ‘steroid’. It is classified as a vitamin because the main part of the population does not produce enough Vitamin D due to low sun exposure. It is vital to supply Vitamin D through nutrition. (The main reason why it is added to margarine, milk, cereal and various other foods.)

An overview of the therapeutic indications for Vitamin D can be found in the image below. (Source)therapeutic indications for Vitamin DThe reason why I wanted to tell you something about Vitamin D is because I use supplements for it. I told you above that it can be produced by sun exposure, but I am a very fair skinned girl and I live in a country where the sun does sparsely shine and when it shines it is quite weak. Blood tests indicated that I had a low blood level of Vitamin D so I started with the supplements.

I take 50µg of Vitamin D a day, in oil-capsules (see image below). I am often tired, slept very badly and my skin is problematic (dry, irritated, blotchy, break-outs, I have it all). And I just started with the supplements because my blood levels were low and I spent almost the whole day inside.

Vit D pearlsVit D pearlsVit D pearls

So, what did Vitamin D do for me? Well, for a start, I slept so much better. Previously I could sleep for 10 hours a night, or 6, or 14 and it did not matter. I woke up tired, and stayed tired during the day. But now? I could sleep for any amount of time and wake up fitter than without taking Vitamin D. That is the main reason I am still taking the supplements. I also found a scientific review which stated that 50µg of Vitamin D daily could help with mild depression. And as I am not a very optimistic person, or a very happy person, I tried it. I have to say that it does not really help me with my lack of interest in life, but as it makes me sleep more easy, it is beneficial enough. And I notice it when I stop taking it. I start sleeping badly again. It makes my life a bit easier.

Which supplements do you take?



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