Hi there!

No, I will not talk about the tv-series (I am not even watching it, shame on me I guess?). But about facial scrubs. Or body scrubs. Anyway, exfoliating products. You know them probably as they are a big part of the sales of cosmetic companies. You might even use them yourself.
I use them myself.

There are various types of scrub, from very fine to rough. Fine is most of the time used for the face, rough scrubs are used for the body. You don’t have to but scrubs, they are easily home-made by mixing sea-salt with oil for a body scrub or sugar with oil for a facial scrub. Adding of other ingredients like honey or yoghurt can also be beneficial for a home made scrub. But I did not want to talk about home-made scrubs today though the body scrub I currently use is home made (recipe, though I modified that a little).

I wanted to talk about facial scrubs. I have used various ones because of my dry skin I thought that regular scrubbing might help with the skin flakes. And it worked, for a little time. But I told you before that I have a very sensitive skin, and that gave problems. So, I switched to an even finer scrub.
The Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facewash:

Philosophy facial scrub microdelivery exfoliating face washAnd that went fine, for a short period of time. I noticed that I got red patches on my face. Irritations, flakes (which did not disappear with scrubbing), my skin was not happy. I discovered that stressing out my skin by scrubbing only makes it worse. Apparently my face is so super-sensitive that even this ultra fine scrub is to harsh for my skin. (Apart from that I found the scrub nice in usage though the packaging is stupid, the cap gets frequently clogged.)

Lucky for me, I still am able to use body scrubs as my legs are apparently not that sensitive. My intention is to stick to home-made scrubs. I love my coffee scrub though I will skip the sea-salt the next time I make it because it is way to rough. But coffee + olive oil (or any other oil) + sugar + essential oils for fragments and other skin-beneficial characteristics and my home-made scrub is made.

Enough scrubs for today, summarized I want to tell you that facial scrubs are bad for your skin and body scrubs are easily self made so don’t buy them. Make them!

What is your scrub-routine?



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