Dutch vs English

Hi there!

As you can see, I am currently writing in English. I chose English as language for my blog because it is my third language and I wanted to become more practiced in writing. Another reason for an English blog is that I can reach people all over the world. Every educated person (well, educated enough that the person can read English and has access to the internet) can read my blog. I wanted to list as well that I decrease the chance of uneducated readers (like teenagers) but then I remembered that there are more teenagers in the USA and UK than in the Netherlands and therefore the chance of uneducated readers is not smaller, it even might be bigger. The problem I have with uneducated readers is that the only kind of support/reaction I could get from them is “nice blog”, or “I like this”, as to be seen on blogs with a younger audience.

But don’t you want to have as many readers as possible?
Sure, but I also want the discussions, various insights. I might have an opinion (the one I write about in my blogs) but others might have different opinions. I want to hear them all and together I want to come to solutions for the stated problem. I want high-leveled interaction. And I fear that I won’t get that with younger readers. (Though every reader, even younger ones, is welcome if they have to share something validated.) And I thought that world-wide access might get more discussions as there would be more readers.

So, English as language, right?
Yeah, I thought so in the beginning. The problem is that most of my readers are Dutch. (Thanks WordPress for the statistics.) Sometimes I have readers from the USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain and I even had an Indian reader and an Australian. And they won’t understand Dutch.

Yes, sure there is! I know I can get more Dutch readers by writing in Dutch. But then I will lose all ‘foreign’ readers. I don’t know what to do!

Please let me know what your preferred language is!



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