Sunday – Funday? (2)

Hi there!

Today it is Sunday, again. Time for the second sequel of 5 random favourite songs of mine. This week I promised you more recent work so, here we go!

Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry
One of the ‘shocking’ revelations this year, a personal song by Kelly Rowland reflecting some trouble which happened probably during her time with BeyoncĂ© and Michelle Williams in the group Destiny’s Child. A powerful song.

Lorde – Royals
Of course, there she is, one of the newcomers of 2013: Lorde. Interesting lyrics, strange voice, weird clip. She has it all. I am curious whether she keeps her place in the music-world or she will disappear like many others.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
I really, really hate the video, hate her ‘new’ personality. But I love this song, it’s message about vulnerability. And it is one of the few songs I like from Miley. I just hope she is happy with who she has become..

Avril Lavigne ft Chad Kroeger – Let Me Go
A collaboration between Avril and her hubbie Chad. Something what was not really surprising but the outcome is good. Another of side of the rebel-queen. She can also sing really nice ballads!

Sara Bareilles – Brave
A few years ago I went to a concert of Sara Bareilles and she is SO good. She sings live even better than on her records. She is amazing. Brave is not my favourite song of her, but it is one of my favourites of 2013. My favourite songs of her are ‘Between the lines’ and ‘Come round soon’.

So, this were 5 of my favourite songs. As promised, more recent work, they are all of 2013. I’m not sure yet what I will show you next time but be prepared for another 5 songs.

What was your favourite song of 2013?



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