Sexy legs?

Hi there!

I have told you before that I am trying to work out more. I am still keeping up with the 7-minute workout 3 times a week. But I also told you that I want to get rid of some weak spots.
One of my weak spots are my legs. My legs are one of my strongest body parts but they also are the body parts with the most fat.  I really don’t like that they are so jiggly. And finding fitting pants is a nightmare. Most pants don’t fit over my tights and when they do, my waist could fit twice in the pants. One of the few pants I fit are the Levi’s Bold Curve pants, those are originally designed for afro-american people but apparently I am a white girl with the same shape as afro-american girls. At least it means that I can fit in some pants.

So, I want to get leaner legs, less jiggly fat on my muscles, more toned muscles. I have found two different exercises on Google (searching for ‘leg workout’).

legssexyworkoutThis one seems to be do-able. But I don’t think I can do that one in my room without smashing my furniture. And it is something I should do for 6 months, I don’t know whether I should do it once, twice or thrice a week. But I should keep it in mind.

vs-supermodel-stilletto-legs-workout-smallerThis workout is from the girl behind Blogilates: Cassey Ho. I don’t like her video’s because she is so over-enthusiastic. I know it is typically for Americans but for me it seems fake because I am really not used to that over-enthusiastic thing. And I won’t wear high-heels during a workout unless I want to injure myself or anyone present during my workout. But otherwise it is a good workout, I think.

I am not sure whether I will try any of these, as for now the 7-minute workout is still quite exhausting for me. But I will keep them in mind and whenever I have the room and energy for it, I will try.

Which workout would you choose?



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