Tea (2)

Hi there!

Today I have another tea-review for you. Well, not exactly a review but a kind of introduction. The brand I am going to talk about today is Dr. Stuart’s. This is an English brand with a lot of herbal infusions. I used Ginko Plus and Slim Plus before and today I want to talk about Tranquility.


I chose Dr Stuart’s tea because I wanted an herbal infusion consisting of more than 2 herbs and because they are mostly biological. I was used to drinking a lot of nettle tea and I wanted a change. So I chose Tranquility.

Dr-Stuarts-Tranquility-Ingredients Dr-Stuarts-Tranquility-Front

As you can see, the ingredients for Tranquility are Limeflowers (35%), Hawthorn berries (35%), Yarrow, Fennel and Scullcap. 70% of the tea consists of plants which are good for the circulation, and overall beneficial for the health. Overall it seems to be a tea which soothes the intestines as fennel and limeflowers are both used to easy stomach problems. Yarrow is used against aches and Scullcap against muscle tension.

I did not really notice a physical effect but I found it a pleasant tea to drink. It has a mellow, sweet taste and does not turn bitter when steeped to long. I mostly drank it with my lunch though I did not really know about the characteristics of the herbs back then. I have another box of it and I will drink that one during meals as well. Can’t do any harm.

Do you like herbal infusions or do you prefer tea like black tea?



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