The Happy Challenge (Part 5): Fourth Challenge

Hi there!

I am late with this post, as I was last week. The reason is that my plan was to write the challenges in the weekends but I was not at home. And somehow it is difficult for me to write when I am not at home. So I’m sorry but here it is!
This weeks challenge is about change. What do you want to change in your life and what do you want to give up for that?

You have to pick three things (or five if you want to make big changes) you want to add to your life or want to spend more time doing. And you have to pick another three things (or, again, five if you want to make big changes) you do not want to have in your life or want spend less time doing.

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I told you before that I started this year with changing some habits (less sugar, more exercise etc). And I don’t want to list those things here again because it’s going fine. Most of the time at least. Consequently, I had to think of other things.
Three things I want to spend more time on:

  1. Traveling: I want to travel more. I want to spend more time exploring. I don’t have to go far, but I want to travel.
  2. Happiness: I want to be more happy. I will make a personal blogpost in the next two weeks in which I will explain why just being happy is quite difficult for me.
  3. Learning: One of my values, I want to keep on learning. I hope that this year I can get a certificate for my work, and maybe learn another language (Italian or Spanish). Or get the official assistant-pharmacist certificate. And the official pharmacist certificate, but those are long-distant plans. I want to learn more.

So, that was the first part of the challenge. Now a part which is just as hard. What do I want to give up in life? Again it is hard because of my changes earlier this year.

Three things I want to spend less time on:

  1. Anger: I am quickly irritated. I can go from ‘normal’ to ‘angry’ without an evident reason. And I want to lose that. It is a burden on my life. I want to spend less time angry.
  2. Procrastination/indecision: There are enough people who will agree with me. The internet is an excellent way to postpone work you really need to get done. As I am writing this I need to fold my clean clothing, do the 7-minute-challenge and organise my desk. Well, one step at a time.
  3. I don’t know: I really don’t know. At the moment I don’t have much time for anything. I have a fulltime internship, a weekend job and a boyfriend. When I have spare time I blog, I do laundry, eat, sleep or watch series or read. That is my life. I want to be less often angry and I want to get more done during the day. That’s it.

As you can see, I only have two real points. Maybe I’ll discover another one over time. But until then, it are just two ‘negative’ changes. About the positive changes, in order to do them I need more time. Except for the happiness-part but that is also not the easiest thing. But I will try. I can do this.

What changes do you want to make?



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