Hi there!

One of my favourite parts of the day are my eating moments. I love food. I always have loved food. Though I don’t eat éverything, I still eat much. There are a few, mainly vegetables, which I really don’t like but otherwise I eat it all.
I grew up with making things from scratch. Every year with Christmas we baked our own cookies, we make our own pizza, a long time we also made our own bread. I think that is the reason why I love baking. And why I love cake. Mama’s home made pizza is still my favourite dinner. I grew up with almost never using pre-cooked food, or instant-sauce, or instant-anything. I grew up with variation, we never spilled food, we experimented with leftovers or tried often something new for dinner.

Cake1 Cake3  Cake4 Cake5
My cake-making experiments during my semester in Heidelberg, Germany.

And then I got a relationship. And I learned the ‘Dutch’ way of cooking. AGV: aardappelen (potatoe’s), groente (vegetables), vlees (meat). 6 days a week, agv. And I could not understand why anyone would do that. Why would you eat 6 days a week cooked potatoes, overcooked vegetables, meat baked in instant-cooking oil when with a little more effort you can make so much more out of your dinner? For me this ‘AGV’ is really horrible. I hate cooked potatoes, I hate over-cooked vegetables and I don’t like large pieces of meat.
By now I can see why it is convenient to stick to AGV. The family is used to it, it is little time consuming and they like it. I am the only one who dislikes it, and concerning my background it is normal for me.

I could rant on about other peoples eating habits and other things I dislike but it is not something I need to change. As long as it doesn’t affect me.
We have found a compromis which makes everyone happy. Whenever I staying with my boyfriends family, I will make dinner at least once during my stay. In this way I can influence what I want to eat and how I want it prepared and my mother-in-law (well, technically I am not married but how should I otherwise call her?) does not have to stand in the kitchen. Cooking is no fun for her, but I like it so I don’t mind this arrangement. Also, whenever she knows I am joining for dinner, she tries to make something else than cooked potatoes.

What do you dislike when it comes to food?



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