The Happy Challenge (part 6): Fifth Challenge

Hi there!

The next Happy Challenge has been announced so here we go!
This weeks Challenge is about making things happen. And by that I don’t mean that you book a one-way ticket to India and disappear for the rest of your life on a world-(road-)trip. Though you could do that, if you want to. It would be awesome if you did. But the goal of this week is to start with those changes you discovered that you want to make in the last Challenge. (The official ‘slogan’ for this week is: Just Do It! which reminds me of Nike, haha.)happychallenge-achtergrond-transparantAnd I started with putting my digital visionboard as desktop background. Because I forgot to do that two weeks ago (yes, shame on me, I know!). And today I got the confirmation for my summer holiday in the mail so that is good too as I want to travel more.
For the rest, I want to be less angry, more happy, less procrastinating (big failure so far), more learning (not yet started) and that’s it.

I honestly don’t really know where or how to start. I have to overcome my fears to be happy and I’m stuck for now. And concerning my anger I first have to know where it is coming from. I am trying to figure that out but so far I have no idea. Things I can do and will do is talking to my manager at work and tell her that I want to get those certificates I told you about in the last Challenge. And I think I will figure out what language I want to learn (French is also an option as I should know the basics of it) and how I am going to do that. Oh and I am continuously playing concentration music to keep me better focussed, till now it seems to work but I don’t really know yet.

So, I made a short list with things I have to do:

  • Talk to my manager.
  • Listen to myself.
  • Start exercising discipline.
  • Try to see the good things in life.
  • Stop thinking in negatives.
  • Start believing.

I hope that in time I will manage to cross everything of my list. I need to start somewhere and I know it should be possible.

What are you doing to pursue your goals?



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