Paleo, yes or no?

Hi there!

I told you about my wish to change my food pattern into something more healthy. While looking for different kinds of nutritional guides I came along Paleo. (And along some other things like gluten free, clean eating and different versions of everything, but I won’t be talking about that today.)

The Paleo diet is currently one of the trends regarding nutrition. It is comparable to the hype of the Atkins-diet in the last century and a few years again. It gets promoted as a way to accomplish weight loss and get healthy quickly. It is the new trend but is it really so fantastic as it seems?When following the Paleo-diet you should base your meals around meat. You may eat vegetables and fruits and berries. Eggs, fish and some nut-oils are also allowed. You should avoid diary, (cereal) grains, processed foods, salt, sugar and alcohol.
It is said that the Paleo diet is based on how our ancestors lived around 15,000 years ago. Or at least how we think they lived.

There are very, very few scientific publications about the Paleo diet. But there are scientific publications which state that a meat-based diet is harmful. Other than that the Paleo Diet is just a way of eating non-processed food though elaborate cooking is allowed. And that, I think, is a good diet.
But there are a few things I dislike about the Paleo diet. Grains for example are not necessarily bad. There are many grains like Quinoa which are actually healthy. Also rice and oats are grains but I would not follow an oat-free diet as oats are really healthy.
And as I mentioned before, the Paleo diet justifies the consumption of large portions of meat. The human body does not need that much meat. And the increased protein intake due to the meat consumption is very stressful for your kidneys. Unless you are a professional athlete, I would never recommend eating a lot of meat.

So, what do I think? Paleo diet, yes or no?I would say no. Not in this form. A grain-free, meat-based diet is not the solution for a healthier life. Might be temporarily improving your life quality but on the long run I don’t think it is that healthy.

What do you think about the Paleo-diet?



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