Something personal (2)

Hi guys!

Today again something personal. Though it is a lot less ‘shocking’ than the subject of the last Something Personal. Though it affects me every day and it will never, ever go away. It is an invisible disability but it is quite easy to live with.

I can’t smell. As far as I can remember I never could smell. Sure, I had a period where I thought I could smell but I really can’t. The official term for it is Anosmia.
The reason for my lack of smell has never been found. And I don’t even know whether it would make a difference as it is a possibility that I never will be able to smell. And I learned to adjust to it.

Anosmia means that I can’t smell ánything. I can’t detect whether I smell after sport, or whether my perfume is too strong. I can’t smell whether the gas is still opened when done cooking dinner and I can’t smell my food. But I still get a headache from a perfume store.
The good side is that I can’t smell other people, so public transport is no problem (though I still need my personal space). And I can’t smell nasty smells like rotten eggs, or sewers. That is a good thing, I guess.

The reason why I tell you this is that it has influence on my taste. Or at least I think so. And that means that my reviews of things like tea and food are biased. I can tell you everything about texture of food. But I can’t give you any indications about the smell of the food so I might be eating things which are smelling very bad but taste good. Please keep that in mind whenever you read a review of me about something involving food or drinks.
So far so good, that is my ‘disability’.

Do you have any disabilities you want to share?



4 thoughts on “Something personal (2)

  1. i totally can relate to your lack of smell and taste..i suffered from it for at least 6 years in the past due “i think to a use of nasal spray”..and these days i have lost it for at least 10 days due to a cold..i really fear to lose it one day..your problem is real and very a matter of fact i dont think i would want to live without these 2 senses..i dont want to make you feel sad, on the contrary i want to tell people who suffer from this “lack” that they are perfectly lucid to feel that way..perhaps you coudl see a specialist..myself “think that my taste and smell came back years ago when i too two oyseter.. ago

  2. sorry i was cut for some i took 3 oysters and a few hours my senses came back as if by miracle..something with an imbalence of mineral..if you want to share with me i check my wp occsionnaly…and would be glad to hear from you…have good courage…i saw a post on Blogger regarding this problem and people share..and you can get some ideas of people going through the same’s….i’d be glad to hear from you..have good courage…hug…..

    • Thanks for your reaction! I have been to a specialist but the chance that I will ever smell again is practically zero. And I don’t really miss it as I don’t know how my world would be when I would be able to smell. But I might try oysters anyway, haha!

  3. thank you Carina..oysters are good for our health anyways. they’re full of good stuff..i love you’re attitude…:)

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