Tea tree

Hi there!

There are few natural remedies which are really essential for me. Just for clarity, I am not talking about food and drinks here, but about cosmetic remedies. The emergency-treatments which are always useful.

Tea tree is one of my favourite remedies for every inflammation. I use it as desinfectant for wounds, I make my own mouthwash by adding a few drops of tea tree essential oil to water, I use it as spot treatment for pimples.. it works for so much! It can also be used as a cleaning agent. And the best thing is that it is cheap and almost every drugstore has essential tea tree oil.

But what is tea tree?
Melaleuca alternifolia is a small plant originating from Australia. The oil extracted from the leaves has natural disinfectant properties. It seems to be anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral. There are indications that ingestion of tea tree can be dangerous but I think that is mainly if you drink the undiluted form. One drop on 500 mL of water is not harmful, or at least not in my experience.
I know that tea tree has the tendency to irritate and dry out the skin when used in abundance. Also, long term use of tea tree oil can cause skin irritation and dryness. But as long as it is used as spot treatment it is fine.

What is your favourite household remedie?



Melaleuca alternifolia


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