Hi guys!

You might have noticed that there is no sport-blog this week. The last one (Sexy Legs) I have posted 10 days ago. I hope you did not miss it too much.

There are various reasons for the absence of a sport challenge this week. Last week I managed to irritate my shoulder, I don’t know how I did it, or when I did it. But it hurt a lot and the 7-minute workout was not an option any more. I could have started a new challenge to keep doing something but I wasn’t done with the 7-minute workout. I did not want to start, again, with something new. So I decided to take a few days rest and let my shoulder heal.

But I did not really think of the fact that I had to get my last two wisdom teeth removed. That was this Wednesday. (Yesterday as I am typing this, two days ago when this is published.) And it hurts, I can’t eat properly, talking is painful, I don’t dare to laugh, even drinking is painful. Also any sudden motion with my head causes a wave of pain through my jaw. Consequently this means another few days without training.

No training means no six-pack. Damn, I was so close, now I have to start over again! But I think it is better to stop now than to pursue disregarding the pain. I can start again, I will start again. And I will get that six-pack! (Okay, I don’t really want a hard six-pack but the contours would be very nice!)

I am not sure whether I am brave enough to make photo’s of my stomach and post them here to show my progress. But I promise you that I will write an update once a week with everything I have achieved concerning training.

How is your sport-regiment going?



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