The Happy Challenge (part 7): Sixth Challenge

Hi there!

Time is flying by! It is already time for the sixth! Happy Challenge. Oh my, where does all that time go? Feels like we just started and now we are almost finished. This weeks challenge is about habits. Habits which are beneficial for your life, habits which you want to gain, and/or habits you want to loose.

I will start with my good habits:

  • Listening: I can listen to personal problems without end. I am always willing to listen and when I am able to I will help that person.
  • Managing: I can be good at telling people what to do, when to do it or how to do it. I am a natural leader. The downside is that I am sometimes leading while that is not my responsibility. But I am learning to cope with that!
  • Care-taking: When I asked my boyfriend what my good characteristics were he said that he liked it that I always remind him of things he needs to do. He said he gets things done because of me.
  • Timing: I never come late. Never. Sure, sometimes I am late but that is never because of me but because the public transport decides to have a problem along my route. But I am always on time for work, school, or personal meetings. Most of the time I am at least 10 minutes early.

happychallenge-achtergrond-transparantNext to those good habits there are a few habits I want to gain.

  • Healthy eating: I want to change my diet, you all know about my goal to eat less sugar. That is going well, we made our own jam with almost no sugar. I bought Tahin which is also sugar-free. And I bought hemp-seed and wheatgrass powder. I am curious whether that will make me feel better or my skin glowier or whether nothing at all will happen.
  • Exercise! I need to move more. I told you in my last fitness update about my problems with my shoulder. And about my wisdom teeth removal. I still have pain from the surgery but as soon as that is over, I really want to start again with the 7-minute workout! I want my six pack back!
  • Patience: I need more patience. I need to let people finish talking, I need to be calmer.
  • Positive thinking: I can’t say it too often. I need more positivity. I need to stop focussing on bad things. I need to focus on happy things. In stead of being upset with a slow walking person in front of me, I should be happy that I was on time for the bus/train/whatever. I am working on it. But it feels like it is not enough.
  • Discipline: In a previous challenge (the fourth one) I told you that I wanted to spend less time doing nothing on the internet. Well, I am still failing. But the main reason is that I don’t have anything else to do. But technically that is not true. I can always write a new blog (it would be even better if I would) or write on my report for my internship.
  • Stress less: When last Friday my plans suddenly changed. I almost panicked. My parents told me they would be gone over the weekend, and I was invited to go to a theater-show by the leader of the division where I do my internship. And I said yes. Which caused all my plans for the evening to change. I had a good evening, really, but the feeling of changing plans so suddenly is horrible. I need to handle that kind of situations better. Things can always suddenly change. And I just need to relax and adjust.

So, this is it. I need to keep on working on it! I really hope that I can manage some changes because I need to. It would be so much better!

What are your positive habits or habits you want to gain/loose?



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