Hi there!

Today a kind of lazy post! I have currently very stressful days and somehow all I want to do as soon as I am home is to eat, read the blogs I follow and then go to bed. (And then time passes reaaaaally quickly till 6.30 AM and there we go again..) Theoretically no problem, but it has consequences for my blog. Normally I would write in advance for 2 or 3 days but I just don’t have the time, energy or inspiration for that at the moment because of all the stress of my daily life. I hope that I can manage to write a bit more in the weekend but until then I will mostly write about personal things. Simply because that takes less time than a full review on a product or anything.

Wow, that was the longest intro I have ever written! Now to the ‘real stuff’; today I will tell you some things I love, and some things I dislike. It is a challenge for me to see whether I can match the numbers of both lists.

Let’s start with things I love:

  • I love that it is already light outside when I leave the house in the morning.
  • I love that it is still light outside when I come home.
  • I love my boyfriend.
  • I currently love my haircolor, a mix between red and brown, with outgrowth and without, it is really interesting. (See picture)
  • I love that I eat quite healthy these days.
  • I love that I manage to read more (thanks to my e-reader!).
  • I love my make-up stash.

Haar instagram

And not the other list, things I dislike!

  • I dislike people who are rude in public transport. I mostly sit or stand right next to the door, and somehow there are always some persons who want to squeeze themselves into the gap between me and the door. I try not to let that happen because a) they are not the only ones who want to leave the train/bus, b) the gap is really small most of the time and I do like my personal space, c) patience people, PATIENCE, oh, and manners! (Often those people also want to enter the train or bus before everyone has departed, that does not work!)
  • I dislike cold, windy and rainy weather, especially the rain. I don’t mind cold, or rain but in combination with wind all possible combinations are horrible. The stations were I need to wait for public transport are hardly shielded for weather influences, so that I really uncomfortable.
  • I dislike customers who don’t understand you but want you to understand them. I do speak 3 languages, I do my best, really. But somehow… Or those people who come every few weeks and ask always the same questions. Always. What’s wrong with those people?
  • I dislike my jaw. My wisdom teeth were removed last wednesday and I still can’t eat properly or laugh hard. Meh. And when I bite on something a bit harder than bread it hurts! In a month I need to go to the dentist anyway but I hope that it will be over till then.
  • I dislike the fact that I am still not managing my time properly. I still waste time with surfing around, I still postpone work. I lack motivation but I don’t know why..

A miracle! There are currently more things I love than things I dislike! I did not expect that. But I like it!

What are the things you love or dislike?



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