Food labeling

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My mother came up with something last week. And I thought it would be interesting to discuss it here. Everyone who is busy with conscious eating (and clean eating, biological eating and stuff) probably wants to know where their food comes from.
The thing is, where it is stated by loose vegetables and fruits, it is nowhere to be found on pre-packaged food like canned food. Or even on frozen food.
I understand that it is complicated for processed foods when you should state where every single ingredient comes from. But for single foods? Like canned vegetables, dried fruit, nuts and things like that?

There are rules stated by the European Union but they are not that extensive. (See here for more information.) Apparently it is obligatory to state the land or region of origin on some foods:

Country of origin

Under existing EU rules, the origin of certain foods – such as beef, honey, olive oil and fresh fruit and vegetables – already has to be shown on the label.  This also applies where the failure to do so would mislead the consumer. This rule will now be extended to fresh meat from pigs, sheep, goat and poultry, at Parliament’s request. The Commission will have to introduce implementing rules for this purpose within two years of the regulation’s entry into force.

Country of origin labelling could in future be extended to other categories of food (such as meat when used as an ingredient, milk or unprocessed foods) but the Commission must first do impact assessments to weigh up the feasibility and potential costs of doing this. (Source, article due to changing rules concerning food labeling in 2011)

I will check tomorrow whether I can find it on my meat, milk and olive oil. I am really curious now because I never noticed it before.

My opinion on this matter is that I think that it would be better if the region of origin would be stated on every packaging containing food. Though, as I mentioned above, it might be complicated for processed food like cookies but for things like canned vegetables/fruits, nuts, dried fruits, frozen vegetables/ fruits, cheese, flour and stuff containing less than 5 different ingredients I think it should be possible. I find that we, as customers, have the right to know where our food came from. Labels like organic state only how the food is treated but not whether it may have been planted next to a genetic modified crop or anything worse than that (like nuclear facilities in France, etc.)

What is your opinion on this matter?



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