The Happy Challenge (part 8): Seventh Challenge (1)

Hi there!

Yesterday was Friday, and that means a new challenge. This Challenge is all about being thankful. It is meant to appreciate the little things in life, things we normally take for granted and don’t even really see.
The official assignment is to post every day till next Friday a short list of things you are thankful for.

I will make it short, I will not do this assignment in its original form. I can’t. At the moment a lot of things are not going as they should which causes me to be quite unhappy. All my energy is currently focussed on living through the day.

What I will do with this assignment is that I will post a list of things I am grateful for in life, things that make me happy.

If you are joining in The Happy Challenge, feel free to post your gratitude lists here, or link to them!



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