Sunday – Funday? (5)

Hi there!

Time for new music because it is Sunday again! This week it is time for the letter B. So here we go with some of my favourite artists starting with B.

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
I am grateful that he decided to start a singing career. He writes most of his songs by himself and I like it. This song is a song about the feeling when someone you love leaves you. And I think a lot of people know it because it was featured in a Twilight movie (yes, I watched them too, guilty pleasure!). It just is a song just like I love them, easy listening, meaningful lyrics, a bit sad, a typical ballad.

Brad Paisley ft. Alison Krauss – Whisky Lullaby
A sad song, a very sad song. And country. Not very surprising that I like it, I guess. There is not much to tell about, it is a song with a story and a sad ending in alcohol.

Beyonce – I Was Here
Of course, Queen B, I could not skip her. She has a powerful voice and when she uses it right you get songs like this. Another favourite of mine sung by her is Listen. I generally dislike her up tempo songs like Run the world but I love her ballads.

Brian McFadden ft. Delta Goodrem – Mistakes
A fun, uptempo song. I like the video, the drama, I actually find it quite hilarious. Though the lyrics tell a sadder story.

Britney Spears – Piece Of Me
Britney, my favourite singer of my youth. I thought I post a different kind of song than you are used to. My official favourite from her is I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman though I like also her ballad Everytime and a whole bunch of other songs, mostly older ones. From her newer songs I like a few, like Piece of Me.

Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia
I end with one of the classics. Bruce Springsteen. I don’t think he has a special voice or something but he is undoubtedly a rockstar. And again this is a easy-listening song. Mellow, simple, fits perfect to my musical profile.

So, this were five songs for this week. I hope you enjoyed them!
What is your favourite song of these five?



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