Blogs I follow!

Hi there!

For a long time I feel the need to make a list with all the blogs I follow. Mainly because it are getting more and more. And I thought, why not share them with you? But I have to warn you, about 99% is Dutch!

  • Styleguide – The blog of a 20-something girl. Mainly fashion (although I have no sense for fashion) with a touch of beauty. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across her website but somehow I returned day for day. Still one of my favourite blogs! Also her second blog, created because of her pregnancy is nice to read. I don’t have or want kids, but reading about them on Mommy To Be is fine with me!
  • Live Life Gorgeous – I started following the beautyblog from these two girls/ young ladies because they were honest, checked the ingredients and were still quite independent from the big companies. I do find that the critical side has gone lost a bit. But their make-up reviews are still very honest. Also they do have some lifestyle and personal updates and that keeps me coming back.
  • Misslipgloss – Another beautyblog! I do not always agree with her, and I let that know in the comments. But overall I like her style and reviews. Again her blog is mixed with personal stuff which I find very nice.
  • Vera Camilla – A friend of mine talked a lot about Vera Camilla. In the beginning I found her blog not very interesting and not very critical. It still is not very critical but I learned to love her way of writing. Also Vera has a very light and sensitive skin, just like me, so it is also an opportunity to find new products for my skin.
  • Teskuh – Actually, I don’t know why I keep reading her blog. Her readers are teenage-girls which do not care about good ingredients. They just want pretty things to see and buy. Ugh. I commented once and got a wave of hate over me because I was critical. I learned from my mistake and never comment there again. But somehow I still read it.
  • Beautygloss – One of the biggest blogs of the Netherlands. One of the few bloggers which video’s I watch. Her voice is pleasant to listen to and she is very open and has a broad spectrum of readers.
  • Beautylab – Another big blog. She used to be more critical and researching than she is now. And I really miss that. I miss her articles about ingredients. And she is getting very commercial now, or at least that is how I interpret it.
  • Beautyscene – A beautyblog from a 40-something woman. A quite spoiled one as well. But it is perfect for reviews of high-end make up. Other than that, the quality is not very exciting but it is easy to read.
  • Marieke van Woesik – She is so funny! And seems to be very nice. Reacts on every comment when she manages to. Very dedicated! Also she is one of the bloggers who started The Happy Challenge.
  • Lisanne leeft – A girl with Fibromyalgie, quite progressive as well but he is very dedicated to getting the max out of her life. Also she has good advice for starting bloggers and a lot of lifestyle and mindstyle posts. And she is also one of the starters of The Happy Challenge.
  • Kelly Caresse – A young mother, started following her because of Styleguide. It is not totally my cup of tea but I like it enough to keep reading it. She is the third blogger responsible for The Happy Challenge.
  • Be Bio – A blog about healthy lifestyle and food. Not very special but quite interesting from time to time. Someday I want to participate in their Yoga retreat-weak.
  • Nikkie Tutorials – A Dutch blogger but blogging in English. She is famous on Youtube and does amazing tutorials. She also is a freelance make-up and hair artist involved in tv-shows and stuff. Very cool as she is only 20 years old!
  • Temptalia – The only American site I sometimes look upon. Mostly for make-up swatches. Because this blog is all about make-up.
  • Jestke Ultee – A Dutch dermatologist with an own line of skincare products and a book. I just finished reading her book. Live Life Gorgeous talked about her and made me curious. I wish that I would have discovered her earlier. My skin is so much better since I am following her advice on skin-care!

I think that’s all. Though occasionally I visit other blogs when I stumble across them. But these are the ones I visit every single day.

What are your favourite blogs?



2 thoughts on “Blogs I follow!

    • Thanks voor je reactie! Jij maakt echt gave nail-art!
      Denk dat bijna iedereen wel wat blogs volgt inmiddels.

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