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One of the current hypes is wheatgrass. It is said to be very nutritional and healthy. When you search for it on Google, you find all kinds of positive marketing about it. There are even Youtube-videos on how to grow wheatgrass yourself!But what is actually known or researched about it?

When I search for wheatgrass on Pubmed.org (international databank of scientific research articles) and then specify for humams I find mainly articles which studied the effect of wheatgrass supplemention in sick people. In vitro it is proven that wheatgrass can stimulate immune cells. This could be beneficial, as in better immune system, or malignant as in over-active immune system which causes an allergic reaction or any other potential side effect.
Another study showed an in vitro effect of wheatgrass on a cancer cell-line. This was done by adding wheatgrass directly to the cells and is therefore not comparable to a daily situation. You don’t inject a wheatgrass dose, you drink it. Thus it gets digested and thus is this study interesting but worthless for scientific proof for any beneficial characteristics of wheatgrass.
Conclusion? There is no scientific research publicated which shows clear benefits from supplementing you diet with wheatgrass.

http://www.detuinen.nl/superfood/16077-jacob-hooy-tarwegras-poeder.htmlSource image

I said before that it was thought to be very nutritious. That is not true. It is even claimed on the packaging but when you look on the nutritional values per 100 gram there are no vitamins listed. Only zink and magnesium are listed as present. Wikipedia states that the nutritional value of wheatgrass is comparable to that of Spinach and Broccoli. (I am not sure whether wikipedia is trustworthy or not but most of the time the English version is okay.)

Overall, it seems that wheatgrass is just a hype. Nothing extraordinary. It seems not to be malignant so it is considered safe to supplement it. I am currently testing it as well (the one shown in the image above). It is one of the best selling products of my work and I was curious what all the fuzz was about. The one prominent effect I am noticing is that it stimulates my intestines. Other than that I did not notice any huge energy-increase or any other improvement. On the contrary, I have been taking it for 10 days now and I am starting to get sick. Thus so far it has not improved my immune system at all. I will keep taking it until it is used up, when I notice anything special I will add it to this article. For now my advice is to skip this hype. It is unnecessary!

What is your opinion on wheatgrass and other nutritional supplements?



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