Sunday – Funday? (6)

Hi there!

Time for the next letter! Today it is the letter C. Here we go with songs of five artists beginning with the letter C!

Christina Perri – Human
I love this song. It is about the perks of being a human. A powerful song and she has a fascinating voice. She is quite new in the music-scene but she can be great, I think.

Coldplay – Violet Hill
When researching this band I discovered that they exist since 1996. I thought they were older. I would categorize them as easy-listening rock. Not quite soft rock but definitely no hard rock. Violet Hill is the small brother of Viva la Vida and personally, I like Violet Hill a lote more.

Cheryl Cole – The Flood
Of course I have to post a ballad. Cheryl Cole is known as a member of the British pop group Girls Aloud. Next to that she is a social star in England, known as ex-wife of the soccer player Ashley Cole and she has been the face of L’Oréal.

The Corrs – Summer Sunshine
Somehow this song reminds me of my childhood. I remember that I heard it once on the radio and then looked it up on youtube. I don’t have much to say about it, only that I love summer and sunshine.

Christina Aguilera – Fighter
She has a very strong voice. It’s quite unique for a white woman to have such a strong voice. She is one of my all time favourites and I think I will someday give a tribute to her: a Sunday Funday with my top five of her songs. Or top 10, or 20. She is incredible!

So, this were five songs for this week. I hope you enjoyed them! My preference for female voices is clearly shown I believe. Only 1 guy between 4 females. Haha.

What is your favourite song of these five?



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