Fitness-update! (2)

Hi readers!

Today it is monday, which you probably know. And I thought it is time for another fitness update. In the previous one I told you about my injuries. How am I doing now?

For a start, my shoulder seems to be fine. Though I generally have problems with both shoulders (long story short: wrong position behind desk, weak back-muscles et cetera) the nasty pain I was experiencing is gone. What is left is the well-known feeling of knotted muscles and that’s okay.

Another major event was the removal of my wisdom teeth. It is still sensitive, and it is still a pain in the ass when I am eating because the hole in my jaw ‘stores’ food. But other than that? I think it is fine.

It is time to start again with the 7-minute workout. I thought that my last workout was two weeks ago but I checked and it is actually almost a month ago! A month! Oh my, I really need to get started again. And I will, 2 hours after my dinner I will do the workout, I promise!

Are you joining me with the training?



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