New in! Nouba

Hi girls, and guys!

Currently there is a nice promotion in my favourite make-up/perfume/skincare store (it is no drugstore, but I don’t know the name for it in English). And I love make-up. You haven’t really noticed it yet because I do not post very much about it. But so now and then when I have bought something new, I will show you! And that is what I will do today.

I was looking for the blush from the spring collection of Yves Saint Laurent, but I could not find it anywhere because it was already sold out. And I was looking for a nude lipstick, or just a lipstick which is not that present. For example, today I am wearing Rimmel Apocalips in the colour Apocaliptic. That is a very, very bright pink which I can’t wear everyday (and it needs constant watching as I don’t want to look like a clown after eating or drinking something). So I needed a shade which is my lips but better, or anything else what is quite discrete. And I found something from a brand I didn’t know that it existed.

Nouba lipstick 2Nouba lipstick 3

The Nouba Plumbing Gloss Stick in shade number 407 (why a only number and no name?). I later saw that it is a volume enhancing lipstick, but I have not noticed any such effect yet. The packaging is fine, a simple mat-black, rectangular stick. A usual lipstick form. The only thing which I find a bit odd is the way the ‘o’ is written in the name Nouba. It is too small in comparison with the other letters but that doesn’t matter.

This are the ingredients:

Nouba lipstick ingredients

Nothing special, I see that there is Sodium Hyaluronate in it, though it is almost at the bottom of the list so it won’t be much. But it indicates that the lipstick should be hydrating.

Nouba full

This is it, a nice pink shade with a hint of brown. It is what I was looking for: a quite discrete color. Suitable for everyday. The best thing is that it does not make me look like a ghost as I have a very light complexion.

The first swatch is made without flash light but with a lamp shining on it, it was already dark when I made the swatches, sorry for that! The second swatch is made with flash light. In daylight (I don’t have a photo of that, sorry!) it is more like the swatch with flash light.

Nouba swacht no flash Nouba - flash

As you can see, I need to practice more with swatches but I was a bit in a hurry and I will try and make better ones next time! And also I need to make them in daylight, because this gives an impression but it is not 100% correct.

What do you think of this lipstick?



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