Fashion Faux-Pas

Hi there!

Everyday I spent about two hours travelling with the public transport system. Most of the time I read on my e-reader and/or listen to music. And I look at other people. I love looking at other people. I used to go to the airport with a friend and buy a hot chocolate and just look at people, and of course, comment on their style. That was so much fun!

Over the years I kind of established a list of clothing which is just not done, at least not in my eyes. Today I want to share that list with you. I really wonder whether I am the only one who does not like certain items.

The list:

  • White pants: not done, not even in the summer. They are never a good idea for your figure, they got stained easily. They are just hideous!
  • Crop tops: Why would anyone walk around with too short shirts? Really? I don’t need to see other peoples stomachs. And most people wearing crop tops can’t pull it off. Please, when you have a slightly round belly, or a large belly, do NOT wear crop tops! Please!
  • Leggings as pants: if you are a supermodel, sure, go ahead. But most people are no supermodels, they have no super-slim legs, or firm asses. And it is disgusting to look at jiggling fat rolls. And you can’t even wear normal underwear, a string is required because otherwise you’ll see the seams through your leggings.
  • Timberland boots: this is more personal, I liked them. I really did. But I never bought them because they are so expensive. But last year I decided I would by them, I had the money and I needed winter shoes. They don’t fit. They are for very flat and wide feet. I have very, very thin feet. No match, sadly enough.
  • ‘Riding boots’: you probably have seen them around, like those from SuperTrash (seriously, why call it SuperTRASH? Who wants trash?) or Burberry. They became popular a few years ago. I don’t get it, they are just plastic boots. You can buy them in every horse riding-gear shop (does that have an official English name?). They are not comfortable to walk in, they look stupid.
  • Platform shoes: just one thing: WHY?? Okay, and a second one, how can anyone walk on them without problems?
  • Faux-fur jackets: do you want to look like an exploded animal? Yes? Go buy a faux-fur jacket.
  • Destroyed jeans: expensive jeans with holes, kind of the idea the more skin the better. If you want to show your legs: wear shorts. And if you really feel the urge to wear destroyed jeans, recycle an old pair of pants. Destroyed jeans are easy to make yourself, no need to spend money on damaged clothing.
  • Mini-skirts: totally not practical, and always to short (duhuh, mini-skirt, it is in the name!). But only crazy people like showing too much flesh. I have never seen a person in a mini-skirt who did not look like a whore.
  • Uggs for men: I don’t understand Uggs for women, for outside. I do get them for at home, they are soft and warm (and way overpriced). But outside? And why would man walk in that kind of footwear? Why?

I think there are numerous other things which do not look good on people. But this list is long enough. Some of them are all right for super models but not for normal, regular girls. And some are never okay.

What clothing do you dislike?



2 thoughts on “Fashion Faux-Pas

    • Taste is a very personal thing. I normally don’t care when people wear something I would not. But most of the time people wear things they can’t handle, like leggings when you have very firm tights. Or crop tops while having a wobbling belly. Ugh.

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