Sunday – Funday? (7)

Hi there!

Another week comes to end. This means another Sunday full of songs. Today I have songs from artists starting met the letter D for you!

Daniel Powter – Next Plane Home
Starting with a male artist! A light summertime vibe, easy listening. A song about a father wanting to be at home for his child. You might now Daniel Powter from his hit Bad Day. And I have to admit that this are the only two songs I know from him.

Dashboard Confessional – Stolen
Originally I was looking for this song featuring the German band Juli. But I could not find a good version of that so here is the original (and here you can listen to the featured version). Another soft song, a summer lovestory.

David Bowie – As the world falls down
This clip is from the movie Labyrinth. It is a movie that I found pretty scared as a child but when I watched it again almost a year again I discovered that it wasn’t scary at all. David Bowie himself plays one of the main characters and the songs from that movie are the only ones I listen to from him.

Destiny’s Child – Girl
Another childhood memory, Destiny’s Child. The group that made Beyonce and Kelly Rowland famous. In the songs it seems that everything is centered around Queen B, she is most of the time the lead singer. But that doesn’t change things, it is still nice music to listen to.

Duffy – Warwick Avenue
Her first album was great, I loved it. Loved her smoky voice which reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s. But then her second album came and it was different. I hope she goes back to making good songs, her voice diserves it!

So, this were five songs for this week. I hope you enjoyed them! Some of them are different compared to what I usually listen to.

What is your favourite song of these five?



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