Fitness-update! (3)

Hi readers!

So, last week I told you that I would start again with the 7-minute challenge. And I did, only not that Monday because we went out for dinner (sushi!) because it was my dads birthday. I did do it, sort of, Sunday, but I wasn’t at home and I can’t do certain parts of the workout on a hard surface. I missed the carpet I used at home (no, I don’t have a yoga-mat). But I did something! And I did the workout on Wednesday and Friday so I am busy again! Today I will to it again and then I will try to keep it up on Monday-Wednesday-Friday!

This was my stomach last Wednesday (12/3/2014):


Not fat, but no six-pack either! I won’t post a photo of my belly every week, but I will post a photo when I see result. For now I mainly see the muscles in my arm but only directly after the workout. Once they stay I will show you them as well! I am going to be lean, stronger, and with a kind of six-pack!

Are you keeping up with the training?



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