Today I have something sweet for you. iChoc, chocolate with a funny name. Well, to be honest, I didn’t notice the resemblance with Apple until I opened it and saw the imprint on the chocolate itself: iChoc, It’s music. That was when I finally got it.. marketing failure or personal failure?

Anyway, it’s chocolate, it’s organic, it is white with mango (other flavours were also available but I love mango so that was the only choice for me!).

iChoc with with mango

(Somehow it got turned on it’s side and I can’t change that. In my computer files it is okay but somehow WordPress has other plans.)

The ingredients are shown below. And now I notice the yoghurt in it which explains the taste to me. Overall there is nothing in this chocolate which should not be in there, except for the added flavour. I think adding flavour is kind of cheating, if your product in its original form is not tasty enough it is not good enough to be sold.

Ingredienten iChoc

How it tastes? Well, at first I taste the sweet, white chocolate but then the mango and yoghurt hit and makes it a bit crunchy and sour. Quite an interesting tasting experience actually. But also nothing really special or really good. I don’t think I’ll buy it again but that is also because I like milk or dark chocolate a lot more. White chocolate is not even real chocolate.. But I haven ever seen milk or dark chocolate with mango.

Overall I did not dislike it but I did not like it very much either. It is okay. But I won’t buy it again.

What is your favourite chocolate?



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