The one and only..

coloring book for Adults!

Hi guys!

Today I want to show you one of my newest purchases. The one and only colouring book for adults!

Colouring book for adults
I first read about in an ad in some lifestyle-magazine. It was a tiny ad but it got my attention because the cover is very nice! I love purple! And it was playful yet not childish. And then I forgot about it completely.

Some weeks (or even months?) later I had to wait longer than usual on my train home from the University and I decided to go ‘shopping’. Mainly watching and trying but not buying. In the bookshop I saw it laying around and I recognized it immediately. There is also a ‘blue version’ which is the ‘sequel’: The second colouring book for adults. I looked through both the books and decided I liked the purple one best. But I did not buy it, I don’t know why.

This Saturday I had to some shopping before my weekend-job and I, again, ended up in a book-store. And voilà, there it was again! Screaming at me: BUY ME, BUY ME! PLEASE, BUY ME! And I did, I also bought a cookbook because somehow I developed a strong need for more cookbooks? I own 5 of them now, 4 of them I bought within the last year and the total of cooked recipes is… 1! But I am planning on cooking more.

Anyway, I now own this colouring book. Here you can see some pages:

Page Page 2 Page3 Page4 Page5Page6

These pages give a good impression. Some motives are easier to colour than others, some are prettier, some are a bit dull and some are very complicated. Overall, I like it! I love colouring though I do it not often enough. I have some motives from Disney-movies, some mandala’s and now I have this wonderful book! Whenever I have free time this summer I will be sitting outside and colouring. And when it is raining I will be sitting inside, colouring. So much fun!

Do like colouring as much as I do?


P.S. Two other bloggers also blogged about this book: Teske and Iris. Teske blogged about it the day I bought this book, coincidence?


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