Sunday – Funday? (8)

Hi there!

Another week has past, wow, that went quick! Time for new Sunday- Funday?! Today I have the letter E for you. Let’s start!

Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
I don’t listen much to Eminem or Rihanna but occasionally both of them have good songs. This collaboration was my favourite song for weeks. I love the video, the strong voice of Rihanna and the combination with Eminem.

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
A beautiful song about the loss of a loved one. Written after the death of his son. A sad song, a simple song, but very beautiful. And the only song I know from Eric Clapton.

Ed Sheeran – The A-Team
I can’t believe that this song is already 3 years old. Leave out the drugs and prostitution and it kind of describes my life. This song can make me cry. Further more it is a mellow, easy song, just like I like them.

Elton John ft Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
My favourite SingStar song! Gosh, I haven’t played that game in ages but I only could play it by friends because I never owned it myself. I loved it! I love to sing and I was quite good in some songs. Otherwise I never sing in public. I wouldn’t dare! And I love Elton John. There are almost no songs I don’t like from him. It is the music from my childhood, and I still love it. I won’t link to all his songs but I could, I love them all.

Evanescence – Good Enough
My favourite Evanescence song. I love them. She has a powerful voice, combined with intriguing piano lines and I am hooked. This is one of their softer songs, I love their ballads. But I can also enjoy their more hardcore songs (which are still soft compared to real hard core rock and metal music).

So, this were five songs for this week. This time more male than female artists, that’s a first I think? I hope you enjoyed them!

What is your favourite song of these five?



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