The Happy Challenge (part 11): Tenth Challenge

Hi everyone!

Last Friday was the last Happy Challenge announced. The final Challenge is to name 5 things you are proud of and to name 5 things you’ve learned from this Challenge. And this is also the final concluding post about it. With this challenge we have named our values and dreams and made them visual.. in short? We named a lot of things and developed strategies to follow your own dreams and also to the way to happiness.

Happiness is something what is mainly coming from within. And it is very much controlled by yourself. You determine what makes you happy, you determine whether you do things that make you happy or not. (At this moment I am eating chocolate and of course that makes me happy!) And we have seen that it is necessary to take it all into your own hands.

Let’s do this weeks challenge, I’ll start with 5 things I am proud of.

  • I am proud that I am trying hard to get more exercise in my lifestyle. I’ve had some troubles but I am slowly restarting with the regular exercise. And as the weather is going better I can more often walk to the train station in the afternoon.
  • My work, sometimes I am really fed up with all the irritating people but overall, I still like my job. I am also proud that my boss thinks of me as one of the more qualified people to get more responsibility. Sadly enough I don’t have enough time at the moment to really full fill that role but it is always good to hear.
  • I am proud of myself, because I keep going on. I am stubborn, but I notice that I get results of it sometimes. Positive results like this blog. When I decided I wanted to have a post on-line every single day, I knew it would be a challenge but it is manageable. I am doing great! (Or at least I think I am doing great.)
  • My boyfriend, he just got his Bachelor of Science and I am proud, of course I am!
  • I am proud of where I am in life. It might not be totally like I want it to be but it is still good. I have a home, a job, a boyfriend, a good education. And I have plans to extend my education and ‘build’ a new home.

So, that were 5 things I am proud of. I found it quite hard as I am not often proud. But I think I managed to make a nice list. Let’s go to the next step and name 5 things I learned from this challenge.

  • I learned how important it is to take time for yourself. I still need to do that more.
  • I learned what I find important and what I want to achieve.
  • I learned how I can improve my mental health by choosing the company of the right people.
  • I learned to stick to what I want, an example is the 7-minute challenge. I wanted to do more exercise, I tried other things like the 30-days Ab challenge but that did not work. I stumbled across the 7-minute challenge and somehow it works. I have to get my rhythm back to go back to 3 times a week but it is going to be fine!
  • I learned that I have to try more. I have to try to see the little things in life, I need to try to be more thankful. And maybe the most important part, I need to be more positive. I know what I have to change and I know I will have to work on it.

Overall, I think I learned a lot of the Happy Challenge. Though I am not there yet, by my happy state of mind, but I know a bit better how I’ll be able to get there.

What was your experience with The Happy Challenge?



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