Tony’s Chocolonely

Hi there!

It is time for a new review about something edible. I had heard about this brand numerous times before but I never bought it. Until I was browsing through the new location of a biological supermarket. I saw it, I chose a flavour and I bought it. Though it is not an organic product, however it is fair trade and that is also something important. Everything should be fair trade and I would prefer everything to be organic as well.

I bought Tony’s Chocolonely, milk chocolate (still the flavour I like best). Tony's Chocolonely 1 Tony's Chocolonely  2
It is just basic Belgian chocolate. Nothing special, tastes just like every other chocolate. The only things which are different compared to ‘normal’ chocolate is the design which you can see below.
Tony's Chocolonely 4 Tony's Chocolonely 5

I like the uneven distribution, the subtle reference to it’s fair trade policy (the broken link), and the taste. It is not that it tastes very special, but it tastes good! I have to confess that I ate it in 2 sessions, with just a few days in between. As long as I won’t keep that pattern of snacking it’ll be fine.

Tony's Chocolonely 6

What is your favourite Tony’s?



2 thoughts on “Tony’s Chocolonely

    • You don’t know Tony’s?! Oh my, but I think they sell it in Switzerland as well? At least they should.. you probably find it in organic foodstores or very big supermarkets. On I saw in one of her diaries that they now have easter eggs. They look so cute!

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