10 things that make me feel good!

Hi guys!

At the moment I am not super happy. And with the Happy Challenge fresh in my mind I decided to make a list of things that make me happy. And I also decided to share that list with you because you might also become happier from some things.

Here we go!

  • Sun! I think I have mentioned it before, but I am happy when the sun shines. And even happier when I am able to be outside for a few minutes when the sun shines.
  • Chocolate! Okay, to be honest, I am a stress eater. Make me uncomfortable and I will start eating anything. But I prefer chocolate. Though I know it is bad for me and it does not help with my plan to eat less sugar but sometimes I just need it.
  • Music! Music can make me happy, but sometimes it makes me sad. It somehow enhances my mood.
  • Nature! I love beautiful nature, in autumn it are the coloured leaves, in spring the blossom, in summer the bright sunshine which makes everything look good. And in winter.. I love the frost on the edge of leaves and small branches.
  • Horses! They can always make me happy. Lovely creatures, and I really miss them in my life at this moment.
  • Make-up! How materialistic.. But really, I don’t have a really big stash but is quite elaborate. I love to buy new shades, new lipsticks. I really have developed a thing for lipsticks! And for purple mascara’s. And eyeshadow palettes. Okay, I just love make-up!
  • Blogs! They don’t really make me happy, but I really enjoy to read them in the morning and afternoon/evening. It is my moment of relaxation which I have almost every single day. It is really important to take time for yourself!
  • Quality-time with the boyfriend! And then I mean real quality time like going out together. Not the just sitting at home doing nothing kind of thing.
  • Traveling! Seeing new places, being in a different environment! It is quite funny, in the Netherlands I somehow feel more unsafe than in a ‘bad’ neighbourhood in a foreign country. Not very logical but it doesn’t matter anyway.
  • Snow! I can become happy from snow, but only when I don’t need to go anywhere. Snow is fantastic, really, but it also flat lines all transport. Public transport and car traffic both get madness when it snows even just a little bit. Therefore, as long as I don’t need to get anywhere, it is great!

This were 10 things I can become happy from. It actually was harder than expected probably due to my not so happy state of mind at the moment. But I made it! And I am proud that I managed to make this list.

Where do you get happy from?



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