The Secret (2)

Hi guys!

I told you before that I have read the book The Secret and that I wanted to apply some things from that book onto my life.
That was a month ago. And while I watched the video quite regularly (though I don’t think I really watched it as much as I wanted) I did not follow up with my plan. I did made a how-to in my mind. I bought a frame, I organized a big sheet of paper but I did not finish it. I somehow avoided it and I don’t really know why.

This week I finally did what I planned to do for so long. I made a list with positive sentences I need to tell myself every single day.
And I will share them with you:

  • I am beautiful!
  • I am RICH
  • I am Happy and Content
  • I feel GOOD!
  • I deserve all good things life has to offer
  • I will get whatever I want
  • I can do anything I want
  • I attract good things in life
  • I am grateful for everything in life

That were nine sentences I need to tell myself and I need to believe in them. I have written them in all the colours of the rainbow on a blank sheet of paper and framed them. I have placed the frame on my desk so I will see it every time I am working on my laptop, which is almost every day. I can do this!

Let’s rock life!



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