Jacob Hooy Vitamin E Creme

Hi girls! And Guys?

Today, I have another review for you. This time about a product which is multifunctional. It is something that I have bought some times before but I never used it myself. I bought it for my mom as bodycreme. And I bought it for my boyfriend as facial moisturiser. I do have used it so now and then and actually it is a nice product and therefore I decided to tell you about it.


It is a basic, white crème with an (as I have been told) slight perfumed scent but not really annoying.

The thing I dislike about it, is that it is not in a tube. It has a good list of ingredients, based on water, vaseline, fatty (good) alcohol and glycerin. Complemented with herbal extracts and vitamin E. No perfume, which I like a lot as it is really unnecessary (in any product except for deodorant and perfume itself).


Below, you can see the crème on my skin. It is a thick, white substance. But after half a minute of massaging it into the skin it is nearly invisible. You might see that my fine lines are a little bit less visible. Just like a normal moisturiser.


Because I never used it on my face or body for a substantial time, I can’t really tell you whether it has a beneficial or malignant effect on my skin over time. What I can tell you is that whenever I used it incidentally, it was fine. It did not irritate my skin, it was just a basic moisturiser. Also it did not worsen my irritated skin.

Overall, it is a great moisturiser for a skin which does not have any big demands. I think it would also work for a slight dry skin. So whenever you need a simple moisturiser I can recommend this one.

What is your favourite basic moisturiser?



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