Sunday – Funday? (9)

Hi there!

It is time for a new Sunday – Funday?! Another week has past, time is really going fast, or is it just me? Anyway, today it is time for the letter ‘F’.

Faith Hill – Where are you Christmas?
Yes, it is a Christmas song, my favourite Christmas song ever. And also my favourite from Faith Hill. She has other pretty songs but somehow I always return to this Christmas ballad. As you can see in the music video, it is featured in the movie The Grinch.

Florence and the Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
This band has almost only fantastic songs. They are a bit rough, and sometimes have really weird lyrics but they rock! I love the sound of her voice combined with the rough music. Another big favourite is Breath of Life but I love almost all their songs.

Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree
Another song from my childhood. Normally it gets played on the radio so now and then but the last year I haven’t heard it. Still it is a good, solid and easy song. A kind of feel-good song.

Frankie J – Daddy’s Little Girl
This song makes me cry, it is so beautiful and so sad. And another childhood favourite though I still love this song. I used to sing along with it but sometimes my voice would just break.

Fefe Dobson – Everything
Another memory of my childhood tough I listened to this in Highschool. Somehow I had in my mind that Fefe was a white girl with light brown hair, guess I got her mixed up with someone else. This song is nothing special, she has no real outstanding voice but it is good enough to listen to sometimes.

This is the end of today. I have shown you five songs I love, or used to love or used to listen to. Anyway, five (new) songs for you to listen!

Which song is your favourite from these 5?




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