Today something I want you to discover! Duolingo, a very useful app and website! I discovered it because one of the bloggers I am following was using it and showed it in her diary. I told you before, in the fourth Happy Challenge that I wanted to learn another language. Duolingo is a way to do that.

This is it:
When you have chosen a language (I chose French as you might see). You need to start with the basics (of course) and then you can work your way up (or down as you need to scroll down the list).

You start with a set of lessons which are divided in multiple lessons. An example is shown below, that is how basics 1 looks like.


When you have done a whole set of lessons you can keep your skills updated by practising. You can also redo the lessons when you want to practice the newly learned words and phrases some more.


The lessons consist of 20 exercises in translating, listening and sometimes speaking. But most of the time they are quite doable. I think it is an easy and fun way to learn a new language. Though a bit of basic knowledge certainly helped me a lot.

It is also possible to get daily email-reminders and you earn lingots by completing lessons and with that you can even obtain a Duolingo certificate! (It is probably worthless but still, it is a token of your effort.)
And the best thing? It is free!

What language do you want to learn?



Disclaimer: I did not get paid for this free ‘advertising’ of Duolingo. It is a really nice website and app to learn a new language and I just want to share that with all of you!


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