My Bullet Journal

Hi guys!

A while ago I stumbled across this at Lisanne’s Blog. At that time I was using a lot of lists to keep my mind organized. I have tried to use a normal agenda but that never worked. I start writing in it and after a week I don’t even look in it anymore. And I am back to the beginning where I try to organize myself.

What I found at Lisanne’s blog was the Bullet Journal. A way to organize your life. The method is quite simple and shown in the following video.

I decided to try it and so I went to the HEMA and bought a notebook. And a few weeks later I bought some washi-tape to make it a bit fancier. Let’s introduce you to my bullet journal!


I have blurred a lot because it also contains personal information which I don’t want to share with you like birthdays and important events. What you can see is the general diary for the month (upper right corner) and on the page next to it a list of general tasks I need to to that month. Left under you see a more detailed agenda, this is my day-to day list. Tasks I need to do that day. And in the lower right corner you see a list of blog-ideas. Some I have written about, some I have not.

Taken together this is a good overview of my bullet journal. It really helps me out in planning. I don’t have 10 lists any more, I just have one journal with everything inside! This is a really good method for everyone who wants to keep their life organised but doesn’t know how!

How do you organize all your tasks?



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