Jetske Ultee

Hi girls! And guys!

In one of my next Something Personals I will tell you about my history of skin problems. For now I want to keep it by a post about my favourite skin-specialis: Jetske Ultee.

When I started to follow lifestyle and beautyblogs, I stumbled across an article about her on LiveLifeGorgeous. I got curious and clicked to Jetske’s blog: and I never left. I still check it for background information and reviews, for good articles with scientific reasoning about skincare.
It is blogging the way I like it: with facts in stead of rumours. With arguments backed up with scientific research. Jetske Ultee is the Dutch Paula Begoun. Ironically, Paula was mentioned in the same blog as Jetske Ultee but somehow I never started following her.


I also bought Jetske’s Skin book. And I like it though it is kind of an summary of her blog. Currently, I am thinking about buying Paula Begouns Beauty Bible as well but I need to think a bit more about that. And I need to start looking on her blog more.

That’s all I want to say about Jetske for today! In short, she is amazing, blogs like I love it and she has amazing tips for difficult skin.

Who is your favourite skin-person?



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